Medical equipment

  • Bedwetting alarm "Malem MO3" (zsp)

    Ergonomically designed, smart, compact and ultra light device intended for the Primay Enuresis treatment. It is recommended to use for the children older than seven years. When uritation commences and the sensor is moistened, the alarm is triggered and a stimulus is activated. Using this device helps to form a conditional reflex once the bladder is full. More than 80% efficiency rate. Easy to use. No side effects.

    You may choose preferable emitted sound of bedwetting alarm.

    Produced by “Malem Medical”, the United Kingdom.

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  • Cervical spine traction unit "Cervico 2000"

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  • LED Light Therapy device "Celluma Pro"

    The “Celluma PRO” is the original 3-mode, fully flexible LED light panel (emitting blue, red and near-infrared wavelengths) that addresses acne, anti-aging and pain management.

    Treats: Acne, Aging, Pain, Wounds.

    “Celluma” therapy results, please press here.

    Manufacturer:  “BioPhotas”, the USA.

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  • Pressotherapy device "Pulstar PSX"

    “Pulstar PSX” is a Pressodynamie® device for treating the legs and the body.
    The Pressodynamie ® is a patented technologie. It sends out high pressure surges generating a wave rippling effect in order to improve venous and lymphatic circulation. The “Pulstar PSX” comes supplied with a pair of boots either 9 chambers or 10 chambers and 8 chamber sleeve for the upper limb.
    Method of Pressodynamie ® devices is the result of 45 years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the fields of medicine, beauty and well being. Here at the STARVAC Group we consider research and development to be of the utmost importance, helping us to keep up with market demands by providing efficient and innovative solutions. Pressodynamie® is a mechanical method of drainage that allows moving excess interstitial fluids and promoting venous and lymphatic flow while respecting the circulatory systems and the anatomical structures concerned. Thanks to combination of both patents DG2P and ACTIVE WAVE, the is the only one method that mobilizes venous without sealing the arterial network.
    STARVAC Pressodynamie® exerts effective treatment of vein lymphatic edema, venous or lymphatic insufficiency, post traumatic and post surgery edema, varicose veins or varicose ulcer and post phlebitis syndrome.

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  • LED Light Therapy device "Celluma Elite"

    The “Celluma Elite” is permanently stand-mounted on a sturdy rolling base for mobility and offers the same features and specifications as the original “Celluma Pro”, including most of the flexibility aspects.
    Treats: Acne, Aging, Pain, Wounds.
    Manufacturer:  “BioPhotas”, the USA.

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  • LED Light Therapy device "Celluma Face"

    Equally powerful but smaller in size than the Celluma Pro, this economical 2-mode is perfect to treat skin conditions including acne and wrinkles.

    Treats: Acne, Aging.

    “Celluma” therapy results, please press here.

    Manufacturer:  “BioPhotas”, the USA.

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  • LED Light Therapy device "Celluma Lite"

    Equally powerful but smaller in size than the “Celluma Pro”.

    Treats: Acne, Aging, Pain, Wounds.

    “Celluma” therapy results, please press here.

    Manufacturer:  “BioPhotas”, the USA.

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  • Paraffin bath "Therabath Pro"

    The Therabath Professional Paraffin Bath is USA made to Class II medical device standards, and is still the only Made in the USA CE/ETL listed portable paraffin bath on the market.
    Therabath units are hand-assembled ensuring that each and every one leaves the factory durable, safe, and reliable

    Always Safe Temperature Range:

    The Therabath Paraffin runs in an “always safe” temperature range and is designed to maintain the desirable therapeutic temperature range of 52,2°C to 54,4°C. Two internal thermostats ensure that the user will never immerse into wax that is too hot. In addition, the unit safely runs 24 hours per day (we say it’s safer than your refrigerator!) so that it is ready to combat pain when the user is!

    Therabath Features:

    Deep immersion 2,72 – 4 kg. wax capacity – up to 25% deeper than previous models;
    Anodized aluminum tank – lightweight, durable, and energy efficient;
    Always safe temperature range – even during the initial melt cycle!
    Integrated handles – ease transport in the home, clinic or office;

    Included in Box:

    Therabath Professional Paraffin Bath (Model TB7);
    2,72 kg (6 bags) of Therabath Professional Refill Paraffin;
    1 White plastic grille;
    1 Lid with Integrated Handle;
    1 IEC Receptacle Cord;
    Operator’s Manual;

    Manufacturer WR Medical Electronics Co. (USA).

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