Equipment rental

List and conditions of equipment offered for rent

Name of the equipment Minimum rental period Accounting unit Price per month in EUR Additional terms
Vacuum massage appliance “Starvac SP Original” 1 year Month 248 Billed monthly
Vacuum massage appliance “Starvac DXLight” 1 year Month 290,4 Billed monthly
Pressotherapy device “Pulstar PSE” 1 year Month 96,8 Billed monthly
Pressotherapy device “Pulstar PSX” 1 year Month 157,3 Billed monthly
Beauty ultrasound facial device, 25 KHz/3 MHz 1 year Month 44 Billed monthly
LED light therapy lamp “Celluma Face” 1 year Month 72,6 Billed monthly
LED light therapy lamp “Celluma PRO” 1 year Month 90,75 Billed monthly
LED light therapy lamp “Celluma Restore” 1 year Month 80 Billed monthly

General conditions
Other professional equipment can be rented.
Please call +37068772896

A contract is concluded for the lease period.
The equipment has EU Declarations of conformity.