Medical and Beauty Equipment

About us

The enterprise “Astrameda” was established in 1993, it represents well considered manufacturers of equipment for physiotherapy and beauty such as: “Danmeter”, “Cefar”, “Tenscare”, “ASA”, “Starvac Group”, “Cryonic-Medical”, “Innojok”, “Meditrac”, “Rohde Produits”, “Pino” and other.

We successfully collaborate with rehabilitation hospitals, sanatoriums, private doctors, SPA centres, beauty salons, also with patients.

We propose medical and beauty equipment for professional and personal usage. We would like to satisfy miscellaneous requirements, so we suggest professional medical and beauty equipment’s long-term rent.
In this web site we introduce the catalogue of equipment, manuals of medical devices, news, doctor’s articles, references into manufacturer’s web sites.

In this web site is installed internet shop in which you can get medical products for personal usage.